Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Pig's birthday!

Big Pig's birthday!, originally uploaded by indigoid.

Yep, I've had it for a year now.

I celebrated by going for a ride, of course. Went south from Mortdale along Princes Hwy past Wollongong, took the Illawarra Hwy exit to Macquarie Pass, enjoyed the challenging twisty roads therein, and stopped for a couple of chunky-beef pies at Robertson Pie Shop. The pie shop is a well-known friend of motorcyclists, but I'd never been there before. I have now, and am most impressed. From Robertson I continued along Illawarra Hwy through Sutton Forest, then turned right onto the Hume and headed back to Mortdale as if I was travelling from Canberra. About 270km in total, and most enjoyable. Here's a map:

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Later, on the way to Newtown for dinner and bookshops, the K1200GT's odometer ticked over to 40,000km. It has been fun, but now I need to organise another service. Thankfully I am told that this one shouldn't be quite as expensive as the services at 20k and 30k...

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