Monday, December 27, 2010

K1200GT tyre pressure adjustment technique

Note that this probably also works with other BMW models with the tyre pressure monitoring (RDC) option fitted, but I have only tried it on my K1200GT.

If you need to adjust your tyre pressures and you don't have a tyre pressure gauge with you:

  1. ride the bike until the dash starts displaying the pressures
  2. stop the bike and then stop the engine, without touching the key in the ignition. Use the kill-switch
  3. adjust pressures, noting that as you do so, the dash display changes
  4. ride the bike :-)

This may be obvious to people smarter than me.  RDC is a wonderful feature to have.


  1. New to me! I always thought of the pressure display as reassurance that my tire didn't blow if i hit something but useless when filling up.

  2. So does this approach work with your R1200R?

    Unfortunately it has been very useful to me lately. My rear tyre seems to be consistently deflating --- quite slowly, but much faster than the front tyre.

    Frustrating, this is, as it is only ~16000km old and not otherwise in need of replacement yet :-(