Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25000km of luxury touring

The odometer on my K1200GT ticked over to 25000km a couple of days ago. I took delivery of it on February 13th, 2009 and since then I've covered about 817km a week on it. It's been fun, and the bike is astonishingly capable as a tourer. I've even grown accustomed to using it as a commuter in busy Sydney.

It does, however, lack something intangible. I'm not sure what it is exactly but whenever I hear a BMW boxer engine I think of my R1200R (RIP!), and when I had a G650GS service loaner recently I was really reminded of how much fun the thumpers are. My own F650GS has sat neglected for far too long. Am thinking hard about selling the big pig and just using the thumper again. With no fairing it'll certainly be more comfortable in the warmer weather.


  1. But... 800km a week on the thumper? I know what you mean though, i had a 450X-Country a few months ago as a service loaner and it was a blast for the day. Big singles are a hoot for carving through twisties.

  2. Sure, why not? The Rotax is very smooth for a 650 thumper, a fabulous engine. If you only ever ride short distances it will be rough all the time... but it has a very obvious change of character after 150km or so. Maybe related to carbon buildup in the combustion chamber that some good highway riding cleans out, don't really know though